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Logo Design including Custom Lake Superior Image


Project Main Thumb

Project Description:

This logo design highlights the business name while branding its company location in the Great Lakes region. Choices of colors, fonts and custom-developed graphics were presented then fine-tuned with the owner. The results have been pleasing!

This project was very time consuming due to the accuracy needed in details for the customized Lake Superior Image. The original image work from every part of the shape that was totally accurate, needed to be smoothed out for the aesthetics of the logo, otherwise would have been too complex looking. That took enlarging with smoothing out points of every edge of the image. It was a great challenge with step one of the client logo branding before moving onto the website development. There was a time-crunch involved to meet an important client seminar. With the quick feedback responses and the client knowing what he wanted, we met our timeframe for business card printing, and the website within 3 weeks. It was one of the greatest challenges for MMD and a lot of fun with success!

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